Freedom and Justice! Indeed the theme of our beloved country Ghana. Is it not? Yes it is… And truly, freedom still prevails in the country not to only natives of the land but foreigners as well.

What does Freedom mean? Freedom is the absence of subjection or the right and “power” to act, speak or think as one wants. Interesting! Ghana is a country of freedom.

As a matter of fact, I personally think that much freedom and hospitality is administered to foreigners than the natives of the land. Which means everyone especially foreigners, has the power to act, think or speak as they want.


Now to suppress this freedom, there’s the human right law. So therefore you cannot base on the freedom granted to step on another person’s toes, or you cannot enjoy your freedom by encroachment of another person’s right. You get the picture?


• I guess we all remember the Mawarko incident, where the brother of the CEO who is Lebanese, dipped a Ghanaian employee’s face in a still working blender full of pepper. That is an example of encroachment of a right.

• Who else remembers Young Gyu Lee? The Ceo of Peterpan Restaurant, a Korean chain in Ghana, who allegedly used hot pizza to slap one of his employees, a Cecilia Ampadu. That also is an infringement of right. What happened to those cases anyway? I know Ghana police, they are very good. Their capabilities of handling such cases is truly a cause of applause. Let’s give it up for them.


I was at Osu mall one Saturday when I saw two white men “obroni” as we call them, standings section of “Shoprite”, a famous supermarket. As I watched closely, I realised that in the course of their chat, they were smoking and puffing out huge clouds of smoke. 

Those who know this Shoprite very well, do know how crowded that place can be on weekends.

Now at that moment, some native parents were standing just approximately ten meters away from this two “obroni”, with their children playing around.

They didn’t seem to care! There was a man at the parcel section who was being choked by this exhaled smoke, but he was standing and coughing without uttering a word. 

I rushed from the interior of the shop where I was standing to talk sense into this two but before I could get there, they had descended the stairs. I was boiling up from deep within so I confronted the parcels section man. 

To my utmost dismay, this is what the man said and I quote “they have been standing here for a long time o, I think they have smoked a packet each. My section is full of smoke now, but these people, you can’t speak their matter o…”

I couldn’t slap him enough with my thoughts. I wanted to confront the parent too but I thought to myself that if they are to give a similar excuse why they just stood watch, i might go mad on the spot.


We have given too much freedom to people, they begin to feel they can do everything, everywhere and at anytime. Those of you who have traveled out there, I beg to ask… Is it the same out there? Do you do anything you want, anywhere and at anytime?


My friend, I call her Asian Queen, she has traveled to many countries and she attests to the fact that, when you go anywhere in the world, failure to go by any rule is a critical nonconformity. You cannot go to some countries and spit around like a pregnant fish, you will be arrested. And that is just spitting.


Man up people, this is our beloved country. We are noted for peace and hospitality but it shouldn’t get to the point where others come in to do what they want, when they want and how they want.


What are we doing as natives to make our country better? Are we just going to be onlookers? Did the man at the parcels section understand when the President said we shouldn’t be just spectators?

As good citizens of mother Ghana, shouldn’t we be alert for the destruction of our environment, culture and heritage?

Otherwise what is your purpose of citizenship? What is your point of view?


©Emmanuel Kofi Addo






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