The fact is, we all might have started the race this season but not all may end well. In the bible, Moses saw Canaan but never stepped foot there. The fingers of the hand are not the same shape and size, therefore we should not expect that we all have a good push at the start and a smooth landing at the end.


We depart from family each day with hope that we would return safely. We go on our daily endeavors with prayer on our minds that we would live through and make it out alive.


Many perish in the process. Accidents, murder, diseases, we just lose them without call. That is why life should be more about thanksgiving than sorrow, because if you still have life, then you have a chance to hope and when there is hope, faith may grow.


Give thanks to God right now, wherever you are… Testify to His greatness, abundant love, grace and mercy. Give Him all the praise, adoration and glorification. Magnify His name, for He is the Lord of Lords and the King of all Kings. The Alpha and the Omega (beginning and the end)… And if you think there’s nothing that you can look up to, to thank Him, lets me gist you on the info that you my brethren… Are still part of His divine selection.


You have been chosen to be here today. You have been chosen to see this message. You have been chosen to see 2017. You have lived through what others have died trying.


I entreat you to read 1st Peter 2:9 and meditate upon the word of God and ask Him to protect you through the rest of the days ahead and strengthen you for what the rest of 2017 holds.

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God bless you.


©Emmanuel Kofi Addo

®KEMMA experience



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